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The University of Alabama at Birmingham Retirees Association


UABRA is an independent and self-governing organization established in 2003. The organizational purpose is to serve and promote the interests and welfare of retirees from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

  • UABRA also supports associated institutional goals of UAB.
  • Membership in UABRA is open to all persons from UAB or UAB Hospital.
  • Spouses are members for no extra fee.
  • Widows or widowers of retirees may join.
  • Join us for fellowship and excellent programs presented throughout the year. You are also invited to attend our Annual Business Meeting and special presentation in May. Additional social events are announced during the year.


Term ends on May 15th of the year listed. Click on the name above to email a Board Member.

(*Past President*)

  • Ron Acton*
  • Vance Alexander
  • John Ballard
  • Denny Bearce
  • Joan Bergman
  • Jack Bradford*
  • Rebecca Bradley
  • David Brown
  • Clint Bruess
  • Bobbie Burkhart
  • John Byrd
  • Betty Canan
  • Gretchen Cloud
  • Harriet Cloud
  • Fred and Suzie Cooper
  • Rudolph Davidson
  • Sandra Dillon
  • Alan Dimick*
  • Marilyn Doss
  • Sara Draper
  • Hala Fawal
  • Peggy Gentry
  • John Gillespie
  • Robert Glaze
  • Linda Godfrey
  • Fletcher Harvey
  • Pat Hill
  • Pamela Jacobs
  • Ellen Jane Jackson
  • David Jenkins
  • Warren Jones
  • Sara Lazarus
  • Julius Linn*
  • James Lowery
  • Michael Anne Markiewicz*
  • Dellita Martin-Ogunsola
  • Carol Medders
  • George Mickwee
  • Bill Moates
  • Kay Moore
  • Bettie Morales
  • Cecil Nepomuceno*
  • Joan Padalino
  • Garvin Phillips
  • Michael Raczynski
  • Trish Raczynski*
  • Kitty Robinson
  • Earl Sanders
  • Cynthia Scott
  • J Stephen Smith*
  • Dan Strunk
  • Tom Talbot
  • Erma Wesley
  • Frank Williamson
  • John Wright
  • Janis Zeanah
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